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Friday, 30 March 2012


A laneway in The Rocks, Sydney. Not strictly 'cobbled' rather it is a 'stett'.

If, like me, you are suffering withdrawal symptoms, then join in the Monthly Theme Day and visit other like-minded bloggers. To join in, follow the prompts and your post will be included. Knowing that I cannot visit EVERY blogger, I check to see if my link is odd or even, and try just to visit that grouping. Ooo ... need to tell you. I ticked a box that seems to think it is going to 'randomise' the display of this list, each time it is updated. So you might be 5th one time you look, and 20th the next time. Please enjoy! NB: i went back and turned off 'randomise', for my own sanity!!


cieldequimper said...

Nice entrance to the museum!

Julie said...

Thanks, Ciel. Do come on back later during your Friday with a contribution!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Thank you Julie !!! Brilliant idea !!!

P.S. Honestly I don't visit CDP site each day but since it is down I feel its lack

Jilly said...

Love the photo but am a bit confused. Friday was the 30th here. Today - Saturday - is the 31st.

Julie said...

Jilly, the midnight I mention is 00:00 right at the beginning of the Saturday. And it is Australian time, and we are SOO far ahead of the rest of you lot, is is not funny!! So, yes, Theme Day has been live for about 19 hours already. However, never fear, dear Jilly. Theme Day is really Sunday - which is when I hope many other bloggers will post their contribution. One can but hope.

Does that help at all?

Peter said...

Well done Julie, we are way ahead, in time, Earth Hour, ...

Jilly said...

Julie I was just questioning the actual date on your post which says Friday 31 May cos the 31st is a Saturday! Sorry didn't explain properly.

Dina said...

Thanks for coming to our rescue and doing this, Julie.

I like your stone walls as much as the pavement.
I think we non-Europeans will not be finding many local cobblestones in the strict definition.

Julie said...

I agree with you, Dina. Not in the strict tradition. But that should not stop us. There are many areas where courtyards are paved more than they ever were, and they are the areas that would have been cobbled in previous centuries. All depends on how we as bloggers 'spin' it ...

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

I like the way the linky randomises the entry - makes it more difficult perhaps to try and visit EVERYone but that is nigh impossible these days anyway - but it does stop the urge to post early - I hope you'll forgive me having two bites of the cherry so to speak as I've put a cobblestone pic on my extra blog - couldn't have linked it directly on the portal.

Julie said...

Not a problem, Gerald, with the non-CDPB blog linking. I like the randomising too, as it means that everyone has a chance of being higher up the list and getting a share of the attention. However, there are still a couple who have linked before their post is available. But ... what the heck ...

cieldequimper said...

Merci Julie ! The random choice is excellent too!

Robert Geiss said...

Difficult to find a more suiting surrounding for a Museum.

Please have a good new month and week ahead. said...

Julie: Thank you for taking this on! What is happening with the City Daily Photo portal. Nearly 2,000 of us without a home!

Greensboro Daily Photo.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I don't know Julie, that street looks pretty 'cobbled' to me and running behind the museum, perfect! Thank you so much for hosting the theme day Julie, it would have been such a shame if we had to miss out on seeing all these gorgeous images from around the world.
btw. it was a young male 'shopaholic' walking through Wolfe Lane..I love taking photos in the city....!

Julie said...

Folks, I have gone through and adjusted some of the text you entered to better identify YOU rather than your post. Hope that does not upset those affected.

Chrissy Brand said...

It's a lovely interpretation for theme day on Cobblestones Julie.

Chrissy at Mancunian Wave photo blog

Halcyon said...

A very nice choice! Sydney has a lot of interesting buildings.

PS: I have to admit I rather like this way of posting for the theme day. If you do it yourself, you not have to worry about it not showing up!

Daryl Edelstein said...

thanks for doing this ... I've posted a photo of Riverside Park's chess/checkers tables ..

Leif Hagen said...

THANKS for organizing our CDP April theme day, Julie! I feel like we're a community again - BUMMER about CDP portal being down! Cobblestones!

Ali - Scituate Daily Photo said...

Tried to do this, but can't tell if it worked at all. I love you so much for doing this, Julie, but dear lord I hate linky! Grr! In any event, I linked to this page and am so grateful to have the opportunity to see everyone's theme day interpretations!! Thank you thank you! :)

Eleonora said...

Julie thanks for doing this!

paul said...

Thanks for taking the initiative, Julie. A great collection of stones here. And especially from Sydney...

ninglun said...

"Tried to do this, but can't tell if it worked at all" Me too!

ninglun said...

OK -- spotted it! :)

Julie said...

Folks, I keep checking the links here, and correcting where necessary. I monitor the comments as the day progresses. i do not think there are any outstanding issues. Holler if I am wrong.

Babzy said...

Thank you very much for this link ! :)

Michael said...

Thank you for doing this Julie. Didn't know what I'd do without my theme day fix! I love this community!

Deb said...

Love all the different textures you got in this photo Julie, bricks, stone, concrete, stetts.

Julie said...

Thanks, Deb. Now back to my other reality.

GW Bill Miller said...

The first of May is almost here and I have misplaced the theme for May. Can someone help me?

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