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Wednesday, 12 September 2012



Chrissy Brand said...

Wonderful gothic spires!

Robert Geiss said...

Certainly makes one feel time. An impressive image.

VP said...

Noble silhouettes, wonderful spires! Thank you again for helping us with Theme Days!

Dina said...

Ahh St. Mary's, beautiful any way you look at her.

Thanks for providing our get-together spot again this month.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

I linked this blog overall because I was impressed by this very beautiful silhouette. Great photo and great page Julie !


Thank you again hosting our theme day gathering spot, Julie!

raf said...

Yes, I'll say it - inspiring capture with that light.
Thanks, Julie, for taking us in again and again.

Layrayski said...

As usual I mess up my link. Anyway lovely silhouette photo. Was trying for that but failed. lovely!

Julie said...

Do not worry about the result, Layrayski. You have joined in and that is the importannt thing!

Deb said...

Enjoyed all your silhouette pictures from the beach this week Julie and the spires are very effective too. Thanks once more for holding CDP theme day together.

Amy Burzese said...

A great silhouette for October!

Jack said...

You have interpreted the silhoutette theme with an inspirational feeling. The spires captivate.

Carraol said...

Beautiful image, great light and the architecture is impressive!

paul said...

Thanks Julie for again providing a meeting place. I appreciate it a lot, even though I have been a bit of a recluse as regards commenting on CDP blogs.

Question: is the CDP portal as we knew it totally a thing of the past, or is there a rough timeframe in which one can expect it to be resurrected? I know that we relied on the kindness of a volunteer who may have more important things on his plate. Perhaps there are other ways to recreate the portal functionality? (I really liked the harvesting of thumbnails part of it, and am not really a facebook user, nor do I want to enter my daily posts on facebook. But that's just me, I realize that.)

And, not to forget: a great silhouette up there!

Whispering She-Oak said...

I have replied on your contributing post, Paul.

JM said...

Beautiful! Great choice, Julie.

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